WIll Quixel Mixer be a thing again or was it dropped?

I like the app but it seems it’s pretty much dead with no updates and no info about it. Does anyone know why this happened, please?


Aside from possible small fixes here and there, it would appear that Mixer as it currently exists will not be expanded on or receive any additional features or major updates. From what Jonathan said in a number of posts on the official Quixel Discord, there MAY be something new in the works, but that statement was issues quite a while back. Presumably, they’re waiting for after the FAB launch to possibly reveal something? That’s just conjecture on my part.

It’s sad to see Mixer go from the promise it had to what it is now, but unfortunately, Quixel seems to have shifted their priorities after they were purchased by Epic. They lean heavily into Bridge and Megascans as that is where they get the most focus from artists using their service.

Thanks. That’s been so far my understanding too unfortunately. :confused:

I think that Epic buy Quixel for the assets library for UE, then Mixer is not important for they, in this scenary i have no hope about Quixel Mixer future and less about a offline installer because the online installation is a nightmare, sorry for my point of view.

I like mixer for 2 reasons. The first it is a lightweight application (all things being relative). The second is mixers output is great for multiple applications.