Will paragons maps,assets,etc. Be available in the learn tab?

So now that paragon isn’t going to be in development anymore, does unreal engine plan to realise it’s assets,maps,etc. In the learning tab, marketplace, or modding section? I’m just curious because paragon looks amazing and performs cery well and im just curious how they utilized they’re own engine. If anybody knows anything about this please let me know why it’s happening, or if it’s not let me know why.

This is something I’m also hoping will happen, Paragon is amazing and I believe it can help many of us learn so much, I’m particularly interested in the foliage tools they demoed in the past. I really hope it won’t be left to collect dust in a corner somewhere, cause that would be so sad.

Agree with you both, would like to see an answer to this question, an official answer.

But as 10 cent holdings, out of china, owns 40% of Epic Games, and Paragon is not being closed down in China… Somehow I doubt they will release the assets, etc.

Still I would like to see this question answered.

Well if its not shutting down there we probably wont be seeing any free assets, and maybe development will continue. Frankly I’d rather see a complete paragon game in the future than have free paragon assets.

I know you heard the news already, but no question should stay unanswered. :slight_smile:

EpicGames have released Paragon assets on Marketplace for free! Thank you Epic~<3