Will never install Epic Laucher again in my life due to it displaying pop up popups

Will never install Epic Launcher again in my life due to it displaying pop up ads near my desktop’s clock.

I do not like companies that take this approach.

If you want to enable ads by default, display it inside your own application, do not create popups in my desktop with ads.

Uninstalled successfully permanently.

Thank you

you can do what you want,


you’ll be missing out on a triple A engine, there are no other engines of this quality out there at this price? free!!

tons of free content you can use to build your games with … over 30mill(paragon assets 20mill/infinity blade assets10mill) in assets “if” you stick to using unreal, if you use another engine, those assets are “not” portable to other engines. there are a ton more assets, some free monthly, some permanet, check the market place.

personally as an “indie” developer, these assets are a HUGE deal, your not gonna find anything close, “anywhere” else.

and those adds are pretty small, don’t take up resources : I have seen adds done “wrong” where it crashes my system : these adds epic does are very system resource friendly, they run on air?

just something to think about.

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable.

John 3 : 16, google it, its cool :slight_smile:


This doesn’t sound good. What Ads is the Launcher showing?
Paste in sample screenshots so we can get some context, tks.

Launcher profiling shows it reads Hosts, so maybe block there.

That’s a nice Ad for religious myth, but ain’t buying a word of it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the OP is talking about the advertisements that appear in the lower/right side of the “desktop” : “when” you open the epic launcher for the first time each day, you have an option to close them if you want, an “x” appears in each add in the upper right corner of it, once closed it will “not” re-appear until the launcher is re-launched.

its not a big deal for me? I personally “like” the adds, helps me pick up free games when they come up, that otherwise I might not notice, since I go directly into the engine most days.

Interesting @Mount_Zion777

When did this start, it is recent or is it a while back?
I don’t see any Ads of any type including games atm.
Maybe its a different UX for users based on region?

The Launcher does ask for admin rights, but I refuse.
(the default windows profile isn’t set to administrator).

The only “ads” that appears in the notification area to me are the weekly free games I haven’t got yet. And they only appear occasionally (once or twice a week) when I open the launcher. Are those considered “ads”? I never consider them as ads". I always consider as notifications.
If you’re in a laptop and a “Low Battery” notification appear, do you consider it an “ad”?

I am not sure “when” it started Entrprise,

it might have to do with what version of the engine you are using? I am currently using version 4.23.1 for stability reasons,

is your version older? that might be why you are not seeing the adds?

I could be wrong.

personally I have not used anything below 4.23.1. so I have always had the pop up adds in the lower right of the desktop.


Yep, still using 4.18 as its the last stable version imo.
However, the Launcher is current as Epic forces that.
I don’t let it run except when actually downloading tho…
So its blocked from running passively / hosts blocked…

Go to the settings tab and disable desktop notifications, problem solved.

ummmmmmmmmm It’s a powerful free engine:eek: And I wouldn’t call that ads a ad to me is like buy windows 7…:eek:

These aren’t really ads, they’re notifications regarding games available in the store.

Since, you know, EGS also houses games.

Sure, as long as its just internal Epic promos and not external data-mining Partnerships / 3rdParty telemetry.
Ad ‘mission creep’ often means User-Purchase-History gets sold onto every Cambridge-Analytica out there.
So better to check / ask now as data protection hasn’t exactly worked out. Digital Gangsters beyond the law