Will my game run better after packaging?

When im Test Playing my Game ist lagging a bit and running a bit slow. Will the Game run better after packaging or will it stay laggy like it is at the Moment?
Ty for helping.


I’ll say it will remain the same or worse. I speak for myself but seems that everything that you can do make the game lag event on all minimum settings.

Try to implemented the following in an option menu for selection when you start the game. It may help. However, in my case it doing not to much.

Effect Quality
Lock Frame Rate
Post Process
Shading Quality
Shadow Quality
Texture Quality
View Distance
Windows mode (Different size screen)

Edited: I verified my code and found out that I did not connect properly the settings. Now it is running smoothly. I observed that without settings, the package game take the biggest resolution with cause problems.

Generally speaking, when packaging the game with the alternative Shipping, and only cooking the content that will be in the game, it will run faster and perform better. The debugging tools can be heavy depending on how much they are utilized during the runtime.

However, to comment on what Thik101 said: You want to make sure the game runs fine in the development stage as well. So if you are having issues in the packaged game, perhaps you need better hardware (I run a GTX 1080 graphics card, and need a better one to develop properly in Unreal Engine 5.), or you need to optimize the game with better settings. Your code could be heavy or perhaps you are referencing to many assets which could be the cause for the lag.

I hope this helped! :slight_smile: