Will metahuman support pure races? And other thoughts

I was playing around with metahuman and found it to be both interesting and annoying to use. The fact that it’s web-only is the most irritating thing but I understand it’s in alpha and a lot of beta apps are used like this.

Sliders are also difficult to work with as they are severely limited and with the inability to really customize characters in full. Example of this would be, giving a character a deformity like a crippled arm or something.

Another thing that I found weird was that it’s very hard to really create pure races, everyone seems to be mixed race and if you’re going to make a game, you’ll need to divide the characters by race depending on region. For example, if you’re going to create a samurai game, then they will need to be pure Japanese. If you’re going to make a Nordic game, then obviously you’ll need to create nordic (viking) looking people which I tried and it was impossible. Maybe others will be able to with better degree. So when blending faces, I think it would be great if there were races tabs to blend different races together as a category, rather than just a few given modern mixes.

The last thought on this is that I hope one day it’ll be possible to export to blender/3ds/maya which would be great because of the given limitations of metahuman and of course, being able to personalize each character beyond the scope of metahuman would be nice. I mean, not everyone has two legs or two arms. Pirates and war vets exist after all and let’s not forget chimera human-monsters and zombies :wink: