Will MARI work with MayaLT?

Will Substance-Painter work with MayaLT?

Just so you know, you can get Substance Painter (+ Substance Designer and Bitmap2Material) for $19/monthover there.

Is Substance-Painter better suited for MataLT and Unreal Engine as a pipeline?
I see it is: $19.90 per month during 16 months (total cost: $318). You own the product after the 16 month payment period.

Does this means that I pay $318 the* first* time I purchase it and then $19/month after 12 months?
So I dont go into another trap as I did once.

I found out that it was $19/month from the start and after 16 months ($318) I own the Substance-Painter :slight_smile:
So I think I go for Subtance-Painter instead. EDIT: I went for Substance-Painter.