Will learning blueprints help me understand some of the basic concepts of C++?

I know at some point I want to learn some C++, but I also want to become proficient at blueprints. What I’m wondering is, from the perspective of a programmer, do you find that blueprints are useful for introducing a beginner to good program flow, and some of the general concepts which may transfer over to programming? Am I helping myself out by getting good with blueprints before I delve into C++?

Obviously I know that there’s a ton of added complexity in writing code and I’m going to need to learn the syntax and such but I’m wondering if there’s a decent amount of positive transfer in terms of concepts and general approach?

Indeed it will, but mostly just to get an idea of what functions you can call in the UE4 system and limitations about passing data between blueprints. I’m still struggling a lot, but making a working blueprint then trying to recreate it in code does help make things click. Bit by bit things will start to make sense. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a thread out of frustration and while typing it out it just “clicked” in my brain. Anyway, yes, as others often mention, blueprints first but still can’t fully recommend not learning C++ concepts at least on the side.

I’ve not programmed in C since the mid 90’s, so I got this book which helped me greatly: C++ Primer Plus (6th Edition) (Developer’s Library)

I’m a fan of a nice book for study, never did take to video tutorials or website tutorials, but I’ve seen mentioned often by others.

When we make the templates, we try and make them functionally identical, one using C++ and one using BP, so you may be able to use that as a kind of ‘Rosetta stone’ to see how things map between the two domains.

It will help you learn some pretty basic fundamentals of programming itself, not necessarily C++. Program flow and logic in such a context will certainly come your way, but I wouldn’t quite say that your C++ skills or such as would benefit much directly!

James, that’s an excellent point thank you for that advice.