Will it run on my computer hardware?

There was a graphics demo called scandinavian that seems incredibly similar in graphics quality and seemed to run usably if my monitor is set to 640x480
(there wasn’t a way to disable anti-aliasing so that’d give me a large performance improvement if there was an option for it)
so i was wondering if i would get similar performance with unreal 4?
is there a list of graphics settings i can change like disabling AA change resolution and some special effects or stuff?

Woops sorry forgot to post my PC information
My computer is a 248$ desktop PC
4GB of DDR3 ram
750GB hard drive space 7200RPM
Celeron J1900 Quad Core 2.42Ghz
Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) (absolutely the latest stable video driver directly from the intel website)
Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit no junkware or garbageware installed. i use CCleaner and keep my system free of any useless background programs

I can play the unreal game playably no issues at all on a test map at a reasonable low resolution seems well optimized but i’m not sure how well the dev-editor tool engine will perform

Nobody can tell you if UE4 will run on your hardware if you don’t tell people what your hardware is.

updated woops sorry (Will get some rest and be back after a sleep)

Seems way too low. To little RAM, no suitable GPU and a very bad Celeron CPU. You do need more power for game creation as you need for playing them.

It may run, but it won’t be much fun I guess.

If it runs at all the performance would be extremely bad

I’m going to say no or not very well, but it’s free so you can just download it and try it out and let us know

It seems to run ok to useable. i used the racing buggy car test and lowered my resolution and window size along with my other settings all to bare minimum and it works good enough to drive all around the test track without any issues with the arrow keys no freezes or stuttering whatsoever (i like the grippiness of the wheels and the suspension it doesn’t slip and slide around like a lot of racing games do. seems more realistic and easier to control)
im making an island-themed map area and im having no issues so far. just had to wait for the shader resources to load and then it all went good. seems to be well optimized and efficient

is this CPU and GPU really that bad?

heres a link to a test recording of my performance of the Unreal Tournament game

You need a dedicated GPU, like Nvidia or AMD

I can’t get one. No agp or pci ports of any kind. stuck with what i got till i can get a job or an incredibly lucky gift or something. which probably wont happen for at least a few years.

If you are having problems running UE4, I would suggest you use UDK (No blueprints… :frowning: ) or Unity. But if you are able to run it… Don’t go to crazy! Small levels and stuff.

(AGP! Haven’t heard that one in years!)

Can you send me a link or something? I don’t seem to know of the UDK. Can you explain more? it sounds interesting.
I’m not having any issues but i was mostly going to do simple things like testing single models textures or shaders or making a simple scene

and yeah there isn’t any upgrade slots in my PC besides hard drive and memory. (Can be upgraded to 8GB of ram but probably won’t do much as i dont have any memory issues)

UDK stands for “Unreal Development Kit”. It is using the Unreal 3 engine instead of 4. But still looks great. It has low system requirements compared to UE4.
Here is the system requirements:

Minimum PC Hardware Requirements for Developers

Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only) with DirectX 9.0c
2GHz or better CPU
A graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support, such as nVidia GeForce 7800 

NOTE: Windows 7 64bit is currently the mainstream development environment.

Recommended PC Hardware Specs for Developers

Windows 7 64-bit
2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
8 GB System RAM
NVIDIA 8000 series or higher graphics card
Plenty of HDD space 

Not to demanding is it? Now here is the Download Link!

There are some things I would like to mention though… There is no Blueprint system in UDK. You use a system call UnrealScript. There is visual scripting for levels though. It’s called Kismet.
I would also like to mention some tutorials. Watch the 3DBuzz tuts for UDK. They are very well done and easy to understand. Also the documentation is a must read.
Hope that helps! If you think that is to hard for you I can recommended some good free 2d game engines for you. Wish you luck! :slight_smile:

UE4 is free, so why don’t you just try and see how it works on your hardware by yourself? But with Intel it might be nasty

I tried it and it works decently once all the shader resources are finished loading its plenty useable. can start building in a world and even make a tropical island paradise type map if i wanted.

ive tried unreal tournament and it works pretty smoothly (look at the youtube link i posted up above a couple posts)

Can my intel celeron 2.16ghz run unreal engine 4?

Hello there, can someone please double check for me if I can run Unreal engine 4 or the SQUAD KIT for my laptop???
Dell Inspirion 17 7000 series
I7 8thgen 8550U
nvidia mx150
integrated intel UHD graphics 620
2tbs HDD

I tried running the squad kit and it freezes/crashes… showing ram usage 80-90% Usage
If you have discord please add me or dm. Thank you for your time


I think you might need some additional RAM and extended graphics compared to your current hardware composition.


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