Will I be able to run UE4 with this laptop?

So I know that I should use a desktop and not a laptop, but I really don’t have the space. I’m also on a super tight budget so I can’t spend 2500 for a super laptop.
Would UE4 run smoothly with the following specs?:

Intel Core i5-7200U (2,5 GHz - Turbo 3,1 Ghz) - RAM 8 Gb DDR4 - HD 1000 GB - nVidia GeForce 940MX

Im not going to be making any huge games, but I wont be making small “pong” games either. I’ve read the hardware requirements and it seems to me that it should run fine but I just want to be sure so as not to waste my money on useless hardware.

Thnks in advance.

Yes, that laptop will do just fine for Unreal. However I would suggest buying a desktop instead. Desktops are better ventilated, so you won’t overheat with hours of use. Plus you can get better parts for cheaper.

If there was one thing to upgrade on that laptop, it would be RAM. 12 or 16GB is going to do you a lot more good than any other upgrade.

Everything is situational.

  • i5 is a great processor. My playtesting in Unreal uses up about 25-30% of my old i7.
  • In my projects, Unreal uses 1-2GB of RAM while playtesting.
  • GeForce 940MX is a decent card for a laptop.