Will Epic release Elemental assets and Infiltrator assets?

Just a doubt…Is Epic planning to release Elemental and Infiltrator to the public via Market Place?

the elemental demo says coming soon so I guess they will, dunno about infiltrator.

I think there was something in the Marketplace about the Elemental assets coming soon (could just be a slimmed down version), but I’m not sure about Infiltrator.

If the Elemental release is a slimmed down version of the demo, they may release a slimmed down Infiltrator too. Here’s to hoping.

The Elemental Demo is coming soon according the the Marketplace. No words about Infiltrator.

Thats great to hear.

Once Elemental Demo will come out i bet it will be No. 1 benchmarker for a while

It’s actually an extended version of the assets :slight_smile:

Right now we have folks syncing back to an old build from a few GDCs ago to make sure we are also releasing content that was created that never made it into the demo. After the release we trimmed it down to just the assets that were used to reduce size, but given that this is going to be a content pack among other things we figured the more the merrier.

We want all content to be at a scale of 1 Unreal Unit == 1 cm and changed the default grid from power of 2 to power of 10 so every asset needs to be rescaled and aligned on the new grid. We also need to rescale the matinee and FX and such. Lots of work, but we figured it would be best if all content could be used interchangeably :slight_smile:

Good to hear :smiley:

By slimmed down I just meant I was expecting something similar to the Example Content assets that were released, kind of like most of the highlights in the Elemental demo pulled out and put into smaller, isolated sections.

Just another question, will the release possibly be including the character in the demo, or is that licensed to the designers that worked on it? It’d be fun to play around with that character.

Any way you could get the guys to possibly clean up the shaders so that they are at least readable? Most of the shaders I open up are in a state of disarray and it takes a while to put everything back in order so that I can read whats happening. No biggie if you do not have the time, just a suggestion.

It will include the character.

Good question. Let me FWD this to the person in charge of the content efforts.

Yep, as Dan said we’re releasing the actual cinematic and characters as well, so you’ll have access to the lava and ice characters.

As for material cleanliness, it’s tricky because often times materials that look good are the result of a lot of iteration - and iteration can get messy due to deadlines. However, we will clean up as best we can. :slight_smile: Right now the focus is on getting the content looking good in UE4 and taking advantage of the new engine.

Awesome!!! Is there any estimation to when some of this might be released to the public?

It’s currently being worked on but I can’t really give any estimate for release that I would feel confident about. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Wow !! Thanks guys ! Really appreciate how you are helping the community :slight_smile:

im working on a high end titan based console idea ive been planning for about a decade… it will be tuned for unreal engine and nvidia gameworks [with as much GPU magic as possible] … i have a 12 month prototype release date so ill be making a mascot title out fo your assets…

with all that said [i hope gameworks integration is very complete] do you think they will release infiltrator? between the different examples i have all the assets i need except a decent playable character :wink:

so i vote for infiltrator… :wink: