Will Epic current Marketplace content remain free ?

Hi. I plan to subscribe to UE4 in a few months. The question is- will the content provided by Epic so far remain free when I subscribe ?

Or for future additions, Epic will say something like , free for this version only ‘’ , without touching the older ones ?

Well so far Epic content has been updated with each major release and has been free so I don’t see that changing.

If you think about it it’s to their benefit to give away free content that makes it easier for the Indie to make games

We always believe doing right by developers and the last thing we want to do is take away something you’ve had access to already. Take a look at our approach to subscription as the best example of this - you can cancel at any time and still retain permanent access to whatever versions of the engine you already have.

Not wanting to create new thread, will there be free project & contents in future. Since the marketplace is open for business, I notice bare any new free contents anymore.

There is some in the works, like world composition example.

I guess as long as there will be new features worth presenting there will be new content that will, well present them.

Most stuff on the marketplace is made by other people, that don´t work at Epic.

Yep we will continue to build content that serves as learning resources for features of the engine as those come online.

Serious props to the Epic team - I love the content and examples you provide. Awesome work :slight_smile: