Will Custom Character Movements Replicate?

Hello AnswerHub,

I’ve been looking at making a network-capable pawn that moves about via adding location and rotation offsets, and I’m wondering if I should base this pawn off of the Character template since it includes client-side prediction and such natively. Can unique movements be added on top of the default Character code and be automatically rolled into its movement replication features? I see that there are ways to define custom movement states besides the falling/swimming/etc. that are included by default, but would those custom movements be replicated by default? Thanks ahead of time!

Yes, if you inherit from the Character class, add your own custom Character Movement Component, and follow the rules when addin your custom movements, then you get automatic replication and predictive movement smoothing for free. You also get network instant replay. Here are the docs I used to create my custom climbing mode:

I found the following, but I don’t think this is doing all of the predictive movement stuff:

Wow, that’s cool. Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know if this can be done in Blueprints via the Custom Movement nodes, such as the ones pictured below, or does that behavior only carry over for making a C++ extension of the Character Movement Component?

Yeah, I saw that one as well. I guess I’ll just have to try it out and see. Thanks again for the help!