Will certain models cause problems in UE4?

Actually you can use every mesh that you can find, but nearly always you have to add a lightmap (://) + as far as I know there is no tris limit, but you would have to test out if your level still runs smoothly after you have placed the mesh (depends on the level size, lights, material complexity,…). Actually you could also modify it → reduce the tri count. On the internet you can find many other models with a lower tri count :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
We need a car asset like this: :///3d-models/3ds–2015-bmw-x3/829209 (from a specific manufacturer like Audi, Toyota or BMW)

Its purpose is acutally not import in a game engine, but we need the high detail level.

We are afraid it will cause problems as FBX-import to UE4 because of non-unwrapped or overlapping UVs. We need your counsel on that:

Can we use such a model for the engine? Or do you know game-ready models of same quality? Or can we modify it to use it in UE4?

Best Regards


thanks for the link