Will BP's supporting Version 4.14-4.18 work on Engine 4.7.6?

First, allow me to introduce myself, I’m a noob… enough said.

I’m seeing a ton of BP’s and content that all support version 4.14-4.18. The engine I have is 4.7.6.

I would think everything “less” then the current engine version would be compatible. Is this true?

If not, how can I get a lower version engine to play with BP’s I am interested in?


Things that are changed or new in newer versions of the engine wouldn’t be compatible with old versions in any way. In newer versions they can keep support for outdated nodes but they can’t convert things that don’t have a corresponding option in old versions.

As a said… I’m a noob.

I just realized you can install different versions of the engine.

Thank you and sorry for taking up space on the forums with a silly question.