Will Blender3D work with UE4?

Not a question, more of an answer.
Blender 3D will work with UE4 using the .fbx export.

However you will need to find your own settings to get it right for you.
Confirmed working:
-skeletal animations
-morphing and morphing animation’s
-including textures

Hope this helps people out there, as blenders .fbx didn’t work with udk before.

I have been using FBXs from Blender with the UDK for two years now, with success (smoothing groups, multi materials, animations…). But thanks for giving the news for UE4 !

There was compatibility issues with Blender 2.5+ when it came to Animations and skeletal meshes

Works great. Always double-check your export settings.

The only issue that I’ve had with Blender is with importing LODs – only the first and last will render. But you can decimate the mesh from inside the UE4 engine anyhow.