Will be making a small full game on this weekend - STREAM - Starts at 4:30 GMT

You guys are welcome.

Thats great Darion,

Do you plan to release the project to the community? Mind telling us whats the game is about?

good luck

The stream is going great!!

This is a very good idea

Is there anyway to view the video after it’s been streamed? I’d like to go back and see how you setup the blender characters, animations etc.

Twitch lets you view their previous broadcasts so when he finishes the stream check their profile out and you can see his previous broadcasts that way

well it depends, if he has that option turned off… twitch wont save the past broadcast

Will be remaking some stuff and reorganizing the project today. Would be a good time to learn BP and Animations.


PS: Twitch doesnt log too long sessions :frowning:

Stream was really cool !! I learned a lot! Thanks!

Interesting, decided to see if it was still going, and it’s live. I can’t tell if it’s a Tetris space ship game. Missed way too much.

He’s helping out a guy named Luos and then he’s gonna continue the main project :slight_smile: