Will a Radeon Pro wx 5100 perform better in Unreal Engine than a GTX 1060?

I received the card as a gift but according to my research there doesn’t seem to be definitive testing as to whether or not the card will perform better in engine.

The Radeon is optimized for programs like AutoCAD and doesn’t perform as well for gaming, the 1060 is something like twice as powerful for gaming.

that seems to line up with most everything I read, I wasn’t sure if the advantages would translate well however. The programs that ARE optimized for the workstation GPUs run supremely well according to what I’ve read, I wasn’t sure if Unreal would fall into that category of optimized programs so I’m hoping someone here has experience with the graphics card specifically. They seem to do well in CPU intensive environments, which Unreal is.

The UE4 editor is essentially the same as a video game, so the gaming cards are still going to be a better value for that then the workstation cards. So in your case, while those two cards are around the same cost, the GTX 1060 is going to be far better for games and for UE4 than the Radeon card.