will 4.8 comes with HDR Lighting Scenario TurnTable Project?

In comparison, the one we have right now is laughable at best.

I dunno, it’s pretty easy to make one?

well the custom HDR view they showed comes a chrome/gray ball lighting reference and captures the light intensity and its direction.
Which can then be recreated in the editor. Giving them an accurate depiction of the models based on real-life lightning.

The current HDR model is barebone the last time i checked.
i could be wrong.

heres a better video

“custom realtime asset review”

I hope they’d include the asset previewer they showed the Kite demo assets with. It’s a fantastic thing to showcase assets in engine properly. As someone who doesn’t have blueprint knowledge I could use it to give in-engine renders to my clients and put marmoset away.

+1 for this :slight_smile:

Hi all,

You will be pleased to know that this functionality has already been implemented. I don’t have an exact date for when it will show up as a feature update, but since it’s already in the works, I would not be surprised to see it show up in 4.8, barring anything breaking it in the meantime. It will work for all Persona modes: Skeleton, SkeletalMesh, Animation and AnimBlueprint, to help view animations/meshes/skeletons. I hope this helps!

Something New about this ? :slight_smile:

Interested to know when that’s coming as well.
Long time since wittlief’s post.

The turn table was already put into 4.8 and is mentioned in the 4.8 release notes. However, the link you have above is actually a blueprint in the Kite Demo’s GDC content. I’m not sure if that was included in the released version of the Boy and His Kite demo or if their are plans to release that particular BP in the future though.

So how do we get to know if it’s coming later?, or if it’s included in the kite demo somewhere already? I couldn’t find it there.
Any solid word from Epic on this would be really appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile: are there any news on the turntable from the gdc´s Kite demo? would be great for presentations and that kind of thing :frowning:

can’t find the blueprint. care to upload it if you have access to it or anyone on staff who does.

any news on this? it would be awesome if we could get our hands on that^^

Hi guys, 4.9 out and still not a word on that asset viewer Blueprint. Anyone? :frowning:

Any news on this?