Wiki Updates

It’s been some time since I lurked around the wiki, and decided that tonight I set aside a few hours to explore a bit. Every once in a while I get a spark to get up to date, make some minor edits, or even add new content to various wikis…

With the UE wiki though, the first thing I ran into was on the front page. The version info and links to latest release notes/hotfix is out of date. I was going to update that, to read 4.18.1, with the release notes pointing to:…-4-18-released and the hotfix notes pointing at…otfix-released, but I never noticed that the front page is protected (and this makes sense). The fact that it currently reflects 4.16.1, shows that the wiki could likely use a bit of housekeeping.

The last edit was on June 1st, by Alexander Paschall. How does one go about getting permissions to handle basic maintenance on the wiki?