Wiki Indexing

i have some concerns with the way things are indexed on the wiki, because of the varying title ‘styles’ its pretty difficult wading your way through it.
for example you may be looking for a weapon tutorial, so you would start at ‘W’ for weapon, however the weapon tutorial is actually under ‘C’ for Custom Weapon.
with the addition of the official documentation and tutorials as well as new user created content it will quickly become overwhelming and confusing.

are there any plans to have a look at this?


Maybe Wiki need a plugins “tag”,
i don’t like wiki , i don’t know why , i know i am not the one , bad look(my opignion) , maybe Epic will have a look at Confluence or Autodesk A360 team or something similair , you can make really nice wiki & documentation readable to read …


Thanks for that feedback. I am the primary admin of the wiki and I wanted to discuss this with you all, as you bring up some good points. We have been letting tutorial writers title everything themselves, however they wish, since we wanted the Wiki to be community-driven primarily with some help from Epic. I do agree that titles can vary in style massively, which leads to people having difficulty finding them sometimes. A lot of discussion has happened here about better systems for organizing, but there are a few snags. I would love to get the community’s feedback on how it should be structured, since it’s all for you guys anyway.

Tags were considered, but we are using categories and sub-categories for that essentially. It would be nice to see them more heavily used, so that articles appear anywhere they are relevant.

Let me know what you think, I’m open to suggestions.

Here are my two cents on the matter. We can’t police how people name pages, not should we be renaming pages created by other community members unless they violate some rule or are just grossly misleading. Renaming/moving pages breaks any links to those pages on other sites or via bookmarks.

Instead we should be making better use of categories (which are the same as tags). Categories are a much better way or organizing and finding content than page names. We need to encourage everyone to add relevant and meaningful categories to their pages, and help others by adding categories to pages you read to help out the rest of the community. Currently there isn’t a good workflow for this because it is difficult to know what categories exist. We have some additions coming that will greatly improve this though.