WIKI FPS Tutorial issues with UNREAL 4.5

Hi All.I am trying to learn how to code custom FPS character based onthis tutorial .
I am using the latest UE4.5 preview.Now the problem is that I am at the step 5 where I have created the Custom character class and want to print some debug text inside BeginPlay() method.
When I run it in the editor nothing happens.The function isn’t getting invoked.The debugger doesn’t enter it too.I Created custom GameMode.Set my FPSCharacter as the default one .Everything according
to the tutorial setup but BeginPlay() is not called.Anyone has an idea what’s the problem?


Did you add this line to FPSCharacter.h inside of the class declaration?

virtual void BeginPlay() override;

Ok,ok,the problem was really stupid :under “Play” -> “Simulate” was checked so nothing really worked.Changed it to “Selected viewport” and everything started working. :slight_smile: