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Yes please stop doing that

I put those spaces in there so that the Table of Contents has additional separators where I wanted to emphasis something in the Table of Contents itself.

Please undo your changes :slight_smile: (its fast to undo in the history tab)


PS: but I do look forward to any actual code or syntax or grammar corrections you feel need to be done

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Ok have reverted all changes I have made :slight_smile:

Oh thanks, I was looking something like this!!!

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]New Tutorial!

File Management, Create Folders, Delete Files, and More!

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Bump for all the new comers,



Hey Rama,

I have a question about your tutorial “Blueprints, Empower Your Entire Team With BlueprintImplementableEvent”.

Can you still write the cpp implementation of the event function and if you do will it still run both the code implementation and the blueprint override, or would it just run the blueprint override and fall back to the code if there was no override in the blueprint?

You can’t do it both ways :slight_smile:

What you can do is what you see even in the Actor.h

You can write a CPP version, that then calls the BlueprintImplementable version :slight_smile:

virtual void MyImportantFunction;

UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementableEvent, meta=(FriendlyName = "Very Important Event"))
virtual void MyImportantFunctionBP();


void AMyClass::MyImportantFunction()
   //does some important things
   //now call the BP version to be implemented there

Rama, would add the AI content in UE4 C++? A prototype of character interaction in terms of immersiveness? And adding elemental powers in the hands?

I will keep this in mind :slight_smile:

Might be awhile though :slight_smile:


Great tutorials, Rama!!!

Does anyone know of any tutorials or documentation about networking? I would really appreciate anyone who could explain how to host a session, have another player join that session, and have the players movement sync’d between both players.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]New Tutorial!

Draw 3D Debug Points, Lines, and Spheres!

A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums!

Enjoy this new tutorial!


Hey Rama, if you read this and have the time, could you take a look at my thread here -> ?  I'm trying to follow the static linking tutorial, but I have ran into an error I don't quite understand in the context.

Ask Bob Gneu, he wrote the tutorial!

Does anyone know of any tutorials or documentation about networking? I would really appreciate anyone who could explain how to host a session, have another player join that session, and have the players movement sync'd between both players.

Coming soon, 

but **player movement is synced for you by the way**, its an AWESOME thing about UE4 network code.

I have made your two factual corrections regarding Enums and USTRUCTS()

Thanks for the corrections!

I quoted your ENUM correction, thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:

I have always debated with people about the Wiki being generic content not authored by people.

The fact is that I am putting forth hours of my day to author content, so I want recognition for it.

Currently the "Contributions" page does not work, so it is impossible for people to know from a glance that I have authored the vast majority of the code tutorials on the wiki, which represents the past week of my life.

Until there is a sufficient means to honor my efforts I retain my style and manner of expression.

*When the content on a particular page no longer is mostly mine, then at that point I do not mind what is edited out.*

Dear Community

is a friendly way to great new comers to the Wiki

Newcomers are set at ease by such phrasing.

We are people after all, and human kindness is lacking in this world.

While depersonalization of Wiki content is a “thing” it is something I very much disagree with.

People are behind every wiki page, people are reading the wiki pages,

we are people, no need to depersonalize everything.

If you disagree with me, spend hours writing your own wiki pages and do them your way :slight_smile:

You are speaking of the Wiki as a sort of free for all zone where editing can occur any time,

well fine, then let me do it my way until such a time as the content on the page does not comprise mostly my own precious time.

**There is No Pressure On You**

By clearly marking my pages with my own vernacular,

*I am also making it clear that it is NOT Epic's content*, 

lifting any sort of pressure off of you to ensure accuracy of the content.

I am to blame if my content is not accurate, 

and the reader knows to take what I write not as truth, but as my opinion and perspective.

Conclusion (better than summary perhaps)

I write this firmly but I am not closed off to further discussion, but please deeply consider my points and my perspective before replying.

And realize I am not trying to argue, I am trying to express very clear points, that I hope came across in this post.


PS: I am excited about this shift regarding including “C++”, once the shift is live let me know!

I am not yet sure I understand exactly what the change is tho :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take a sec to address some of the points Rama and Jonwd7 have brought up.

First, let me address ownership. All pages of the Wiki, except the Main Page, are up for the community to edit freely. This means that any content that User A creates, is free to be edited by User B and vice versa. It is very important that the Wiki be moderated by the community so that it can be kept up-to-date, typo free and consistent. Any content submitted to the Wiki is taken out of the original creators hands. That being said, we do intend to recognize the original creator on the page itself. This should be done by keeping a signature at the bottom of the page for now. Additionally, the contributions pages will be opened up soon, they were closed pre-launch and accidentally left in that state.

Pages should follow the basic conventions put forward in the Get Involved page. Personalization is not discouraged, we only want to make sure that other users will not be confused by overly-flourished instructions. This would mean having confusing grammar is a problem (ex. breaking up a sentence on multiple lines), but using the first person is fine. If a user has to ask for an explanation of a step, that is a problem. If there is an encouraging comment somewhere, as long as it does not throw off the reader, then it is fine.

I can see that you both care greatly for your community, but I have to ask that you both make some changes to your approach with the Wiki. Rama, your tutorials are fantastic and a real help for people new to C++, however they would benefit from being more traditionally structured when it comes to grammar and punctuation. Jonwd7, you have brought up a lot of good points about legibility and consistency, this has shown me that I will need to add a few more guidelines so that no one is confused, but I also want you to understand that there is no reason a page has to be neutrally presented.

I hope this helps to clarify things, but if you have any more questions, please just ask or PM me. I am always here for the community!

P.S. Extensions are coming! I have had plans for YouTube embedding, Star Ratings, InfoBoxes and much more for a while; Well before I was getting requests for them left-and-right. We are still primarily focusing our efforts on the AnswerHub and Forums to make sure everything is going smooth, so testing and implementing extensions are still going to be on the backburner for just a little bit longer.



Sounds good to me, though I may not know what "traditional grammar and punctuation is at times, so if you see persistent patterns let me know :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarifications Alexander!

Mr. Jonwd7 I hope you see that I respect your opinion that I quote you on the ENUM page and that I changed my USTRUCT() explanation.

Such factual corrections are always welcome (or could simply be corrected directly)


New Tutorial: Logs

New Tutorial!

Logs, Print Messages to Yourself During Runtime!



PS: this one is really important to help you work through your C++ logic step by step as you are building your algorithms :slight_smile:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Entry Level Guide to UE4 C++



Featured Tutorial:

Dynamic Arrays

Featured Tutorial:

Operator Overloads, Make Your Own UE4 C++ Operators!