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File Management, Create Folders, Delete Files, and More!


**New Wiki Tutorial

[COLOR="#000000"]Creating Dynamic Physics Constraints During Runtime

My Physics Library Functions Included!**[/COLOR]



Dear Community,

I am giving you a full sample project as a download (8mb) where I’ve created a fully functional UMG Key Rebinding System!

You can click on the name of any key and then simply enter a new one on the keyboard/gamepad (just pressing the button itself that you want to be the new binding!

And I do track ctrl,alt,shift, and command!

And the list is scrollable too!

**Rebind Actions During Runtime**

And best of all, because of my Victory BP Library nodes, the changes you make in the Key Rebinding Menu instantly update the ingame character input component!

So if you rebind Jump from spacebar to page up, it takes effect instantly!

Why Am I Giving This For Free?

Because its really important feature for any game and I just finished figuring out how to do it for Solus.

I figured you would enjoy it as well, since it was honestly not that easy to do, and I had to really think about how to do both the UMG and the actual C++ code to dynamically update action mappings during runtime



**Download (UE4 Engine Version 4.5)**

Here's the full project for you!

**Wiki Link to Download Page**

How To Use My Menu

Go in game and press the K key!

Click on the black and red buttons to rebind the jump button!

Add new actions any time using Project Settings->Input

**Victory BP Library**

**UE4 Forum Link**!&p=176137&viewfull=1#post176137



Thanks, thanks and thanks Rama!

Hee hee you’re welcome Veiovis!



Custom Character Movement Components in 4.6

I have updated my wiki to reflect the changes to constructors in 4.6!

Here’s how you do custom character movement components in 4.6!


Rama, have you considered putting out a mastery book on Unreal 4 c++? I would certainly buy it.

I am writing a book on UE4 C++ right now!



(yes I am serious)

Website is

It’s not really finished yet :slight_smile:

Those are amazing news, Rama :smiley:

When it is finished I will definitly buy it!

Rama, consider your book sold to me. Add one more name to your potential list of customers.

Hee hee!

Great to hear from you Frederic and HammelGammel!



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File Management, Create Folders, Delete Files, and More!


String Conversion Tutorial

I’ve updated my String Conversion wiki to include converting to and from std::string!

Also includes converting to and from float and integer!




could you please do a video on creating a dedicated server?

This wiki tutorial by Community Member Piinecone is so extensive that I am not sure what a video would add to it other than watching me compile for a long time :slight_smile:

Let me know if this wiki helps you!

Piinecone’s Dedicated Server Wiki


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You can use this wiki to load objects from an asset path during runtime!

**This is how I save asset references to hard disk as part of a save system, having to save only a 8byte FName rather than serializing an entire material or mesh **:slight_smile:

Then from this ultra-tiny amount of saved data I can reload the entire game state, using the code I show you in wiki below!

Dynamic Load Object - Load Static Meshes and other assets from a file path during runtime!


Hello mates.

Sorry for bugging but can you confirm these tuts are still relevant ( working) . Especially after 4.6 ? Like this one:

These really look tasty, even more than official ones so I wanna try if I have the time.

Thanks mates.

Yes they are up to date with 4.6!

The wiki you linked is actually mostly C++ basics so I dont think it will go out of date any time soon :slight_smile:

If anyone finds a wiki that is out of date feel free to pm me about it.



Example Of Template Functions

I make extensive use of C++ Template functions in my Min/Max of Array, full code here!

Min/Max of Array Forum Link

Wiki on C++ Templates

Oh thank a lot for clearing this :smiley:

If I ever find one outdated I’ll post here. Thanks again :smiley: