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**New Wiki

Create Custom Console Commands in C++ to be implemented in Blueprints!**

Empower your whole team to make their own console commands in Blueprints!

Hey Rama,

I was just researching about this. I didn’t know how to do this but maybe I can figure it out now. This is great!


Shouldn’t we at least have empty implementations in C++ as a fallback?

Other than that, that’s dead simple, thanks for the guide!

Hee hee! Let me know how it goes Isaac!

Sure! if you want to!

In that case have a UPROPERTY(exec) c++ function that then calls the BP Implementable function!

More info on BP Implementable functions:

Forward Declaration Tutorial Updated

I updated this tutorial to 4.4, now that DependsOn no longer exists :slight_smile:

Added some additional info about #include in .CPP files!

**New Wiki

Integrating PhysX Code into Your Project!**



[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Featured Tutorial

Mesh Collision, Obtain Closest Point on Mesh Surface to Other Point!


**New Wiki

Game Instance

Inter-Level Persistent Data Storage**

Dear Community,

I have just published new tutorial on how to use the new Engine feature called the Game Instance class!

This is only in the engine as of 4.4, but it is very powerful!

You can use the Game Instance class to store data between level transitions!

So where previously you might have had to save stuff out to config file or use a save object, or write out to binary file, now you can carry data from one level to another using the Game Instance class!

In the example code on the wiki I show you how to count the total number of ticks that have elapsed since your game application window first opens and the first level is loaded!

You can now store any data you want between levels!


New Wiki, Network Replication

I’ve just posted a tutorial using code from my own code base showing how I do Network Replication for actions that have to be performed locally by each client as well as the server (listen server).

A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums,Using_ReplicatedUsing/_RepNotify_vars

New Plugin For Community!

I’ve posted a plugin template that you should find quite easy to adapt to your needs!

It is a fully functional plugin sample, containing some nodes that I found useful for doing AI coding in Blueprints.

But the main purpose is to give you a plugin template to use however you like!


Rama’s AI Plugin Template

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Featured Tutorial

File Management, Create Folders, Delete Files, and More!


**New Wiki Tutorial

[COLOR="#000000"]Creating Dynamic Physics Constraints During Runtime

My Physics Library Functions Included!**[/COLOR]



Dear Community,

I am giving you a full sample project as a download (8mb) where I’ve created a fully functional UMG Key Rebinding System!

You can click on the name of any key and then simply enter a new one on the keyboard/gamepad (just pressing the button itself that you want to be the new binding!

And I do track ctrl,alt,shift, and command!

And the list is scrollable too!

**Rebind Actions During Runtime**

And best of all, because of my Victory BP Library nodes, the changes you make in the Key Rebinding Menu instantly update the ingame character input component!

So if you rebind Jump from spacebar to page up, it takes effect instantly!

Why Am I Giving This For Free?

Because its really important feature for any game and I just finished figuring out how to do it for Solus.

I figured you would enjoy it as well, since it was honestly not that easy to do, and I had to really think about how to do both the UMG and the actual C++ code to dynamically update action mappings during runtime



**Download (UE4 Engine Version 4.5)**

Here's the full project for you!

**Wiki Link to Download Page**

How To Use My Menu

Go in game and press the K key!

Click on the black and red buttons to rebind the jump button!

Add new actions any time using Project Settings->Input

**Victory BP Library**

**UE4 Forum Link**!&p=176137&viewfull=1#post176137



Thanks, thanks and thanks Rama!

Hee hee you’re welcome Veiovis!



Custom Character Movement Components in 4.6

I have updated my wiki to reflect the changes to constructors in 4.6!

Here’s how you do custom character movement components in 4.6!


Rama, have you considered putting out a mastery book on Unreal 4 c++? I would certainly buy it.

I am writing a book on UE4 C++ right now!



(yes I am serious)

Website is

It’s not really finished yet :slight_smile:

Those are amazing news, Rama :smiley:

When it is finished I will definitly buy it!

Rama, consider your book sold to me. Add one more name to your potential list of customers.