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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]800+ Line Complete HUD Sample Class

Complete Sample HUD Class, Tooltips, Custom Cursor, Transparent HUD Elements, DrawMaterial, Buttons!

A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums,Create_Buttons%26_Draw_Materials


Thanks Rama !

The Entry Level Guide to UE4 C++ ( ) is a godsend.

I have been programming (or you could say scripting) for 15 years but never learned C++. I was fairly comfortable with Unrealscript but the switch to C++ has been a nightmare for me. Lost at the first step. This entry level guide was a great way to learn how to reference and point to instantiate a memory optimised reference to code. Something I have done a million times yet never in C++.

The wiki is now a staple of my favourites. Thanks again !

Yay! I am glad you enjoy my UE4 C++ Intro tutorial!

I tried to be really creative with that one!



[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Multi-Threading Wiki Tutorial

My new Wiki tutorial on Multi-threading!

I am happy to announce I figured out how to use the UE4 Task Graph System to do multi-threading!

**Video: First 50,000 Prime Numbers Being Calculated...

   While Game Thread Continues!**

Here's a video of my game calculating the first 50,000 prime numbers while I continue to play around in the main game thread!



I am sending myself feedback on the main thread as each prime number gets calculated in the other threads, could be turned into a fully operational incremental progress meter!

Comparing Results

You can compare my in-game computed results displayed in the player console to this web page of the first 50,000 prime numbers!


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Actual Multi Threading for Large Tasks

This is a tutorial on creating actual new threads that will run until they are requested to stop!

To put this in perspective, the entire Render Thread is one such thread, as I am showing you how to create below!

I had great performance gains from creating an actual thread to compute the first 50,000 prime numbers. My fps stayed at solid 90 (my personal chosen max) the whole time!

bump Multi threading 4 you!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Yay for Multi-Threading!!!

My new Wiki tutorial on Multi-threading!


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Entry Level Guide to C++

Entry Level Guide to C++


Just awesome, I will definitely dive into this. Thank you!

You’re welcome!



Rama, I feel like it would be a crime to follow your tutorials without coming here and thanking you!

Great job, this is exactly what was needed for a lot of the UE4 adopters. Keep up the incredible work!

Hee hee!

Thanks for your message!



[FONT=Comic Sans MS]New Solus Project Tutorial

Get All Supported Screen Resolutions

Full source code for getting a list of all screen resolutions supported on the End User’s Computer:

Great work. I love these Solus tutorials! It’s all very applicable and useful for so many types of games.

Thank you Alexander!

So nice to hear from you!



If you’re a C++ beginner I’d opine that a full game engine is the wrong place to be cutting your teeth. Get a programmer to set some blueprints up for you and call it a day.

If you’re interested in learning C++ there are literally hundreds of books and web tutorials on the subject - adding a C++ primer to each UE4 tutorial is beyond redundant. And I’m not sure how the author is supposed to know what parts of the tutorial any given reader will need help with…

I thought about apologizing for being “mean,” but then I realized I don’t really care. I guess the term “tutorial” makes too many people feel like it should cover any question they happen to think of when reading one.

Yay for the fact that we can all make our UE4 games in C++ now! One of the most well-documented languages in the world!



Probably a great many people here, especially those coming from another engine that shall not be named, are cramming C++ like mad. (I’ve taken to calling Unreal -> Funreal due to how often I call it the wrong name)

Anyway, been lurking here for a while now, relearning the language, asking myself dumb questions and getting hung up on simple code ****. Seems like every time I find a pointer towards whatever solution I’m looking for, “Rama” is the signature at the bottom.

Just want to say how very much you rock. If this game we are working on ever takes off, I’m going to find a way to send you pizza or a comfort food of your choice. So thanks, and keep being awesome.
*edit: the asterisk’s in my comment above made me laugh, implying a much more harsh choice of word. Ha! But apologies none the less. *


Have to admit I laughed in real life on this one

hee hee!


Not sure what my comfort food of choice will be yet, but I will keep you posted :slight_smile:

Hee hee!


New Slate Tutorial: Tree View


**A Slate window that auto-updates to reflect changes on my harddrive.

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