Wierd Problem

So I have an enemy walking toward me using a move toward actor (AI) blueprint node on almost every tick, and launching toward me when he attacks but i stop the tick with stop immediatly when he attacks, sometimes this happens, it looks like he cant get to me like something is in between us, any advise?

Anyone have any ideas on what this is?

So its not because the ground friction is getting stuck on Zero, I made ground friction zero and the behaviour is not changed at all

So I have an endless loop that if I want them to be seeking the player, every .2 seconds they are told to go to my location. What seems to have fixed this is now everytime I tell them to go to my location, I tell them to stop Immediately first which zeros out all velocity, I thought this would make them look like they were stutter walking but it seems to have worked, cheers everyone!

Nevermind it just happened again