wierd crash

I know its my mod because it doesnt do it if the mod isnt running but im getting a strange crash that has nothing to do with my mod. Basically i took my airship out of my main mod and did a standalone one. Its giving me a supply crate crash. hopefully someone can steer me as to why having this issue themselves.


I believe that’s a crash associated with the initialization of the GameMode. Just a stab in the dark, but if you took Mods/Mod1/Airship.uasset out completely and pushed it to Mods/Mod2/Airship.uasset, that’s a different file altogether, so loading up a server that had /Mod1/ content in it could crash. This may not be what you’re experiencing, but you could try removing only the in game references (engrams, spawns, etc) of the airship but leave the .uasset in place, so that already placed airships still exist when you load with the second mod.

Something is really wierd, i started a new mod, copied a smithy, changed its model and a few small details, copied an engram and set it all up so the only thing in the mod is a crafting table and its required pieces to allow it to be built. nad im getting a crash still.


i took the Generic_Mod files copied them to a new folder and changed only the additional engram and additional structure to place in the game mode.

Use a child of PrimalGameData from /PrimalEarth and don’t bother with the TestGameMode. Start with just an engram, run it, then add the smithy, run it, then change the model and run it.

it was the primal game data being screwed somehow in the generic mod folder, did as you suggested and instantly no more crashes. thank you.