wierd cooking issue

I had a watermark added to my server and it worked perfectly. it is mixed in with other UI additions and thus get changed and cooked every so often, after a cook my watermark just shows up as a white box. When i cook sometimes it includes all the files sometimes it doesnt and other times i crash my client even if i have changed nothing i can get different outcomes… Any solutions to this or anyone else had it?

Sounds like a random error during cooking.
Did this at all coincide with dev kit updates? I’ve noticed it can sometimes break file loading or referencing, especially if your mod uses a basic asset as parent.

what it is doing is including or not including files in the final product it seems, even though they are in the assets. Even when showing in asset window they may or may not show saved in the project folder as well. Last night i had to cook my mod about 20 times to finally get a cook with everything included in the folder. As my Mod grows this could be a major issue. Especially since it seems unless i run 2 mods (a dev and a release) clients automatically download the newest version from steam ignoring the version currently on the server and could crash or do god knows what to them. It has been since yesterday only so far. I havnt cooked today but it WAS working fine after 210.1 until yesterday.

And now i find out that the same mod running on 2 different servers is doing 2 different things lol. Same mod, same number same files…

Is it being run with any other mods? If so, probably conflicts with another mod modifying the same file(s) somewhere.

Also I’m guessing you are manually checking to see if the files are actually cooking out after an update? If not, please do that and then let us know (located in your ADK install folder under the ModTools folder and then the Output folder. You will see your mod folder, and then WindowsEditor for example. Inside WindowsEditor is where you want to check for the files) so we can help isolate which modified items are not cooking out.

If those are all fine, then it might be an issue with the mod not updating properly for whatever reason on the servers, in which case, I’d try reinstalling the mod fully. If you aren’t testing anything regarding multiplayer replication/authorities, you could always just test things in single player instead of having to upload it and test it on your server.

Edit: Just saw that ^. Do a save all after any changes are made, close the ADK, then reopen, check then to see if the files show up in the project folder correctly. UE4 in general can be a bit finicky with saving files without a full close and reopen in my experience (not always, but i’ve had it happen a few times while developing my own game)