Widgets to Texture or Material.

Hi there,

I am curently working on an card game where you can place the cards from a 2D Widget 3D in the world.

The Widget reads from a data table and creates a image for a card from it but i want also be able to use the created card on a material. Because you can see the card on the hud but also place it in the game as a 3D Card. Or is there any other way to create a card material from a Data Table? Because the problem is that i dont now a way to add a dynamic amount of textures for a material with dynamic offsets? Like it should read then manacost from the data table and add for each mana an icon with an custom offset (Because the icons shouldn’t overlap). And also show a text from the data table. Perhabs later i want to use also 3D-Cards for the Interface so pur material would be fine, too.

I have read that you can place 3D-Widgets but only with unlit and that would be a problem.

If there is no other way i would make the cards pur in Photoshop but there would be another problem beacuse the statistics of the cards can change (Shows current life of a creature, attack, and so) with a widget it does work… so I would use two versions of the card one with the default stats and one with empty. One i would use as the 3D-card in the game (because i could also work if the aren’t dynamic) and the other one for the widget with dynamic stats. But only if there isn’t any other possibility… btw sorry for the bad english