Widgets seem to not run construct nodes

I am creating a prison scene and I have a bunch of doors that I want controlled by a panel which is just a UI screen with buttons for each door for right now. I have it setup that on construct of the widget it finds all the doors with a tag and sees if that specific door for the button is open or not and changes the color of the button based on the door state.

Now the buttons all change correctly but when I close out of the UI in game (which removes the widget from parent) and then open the UI again the button colors are not set to the current state of the doors.

I have tried to see if the state of the doors are actually changed and saved in their blueprint by having their materials changed based on the current state of the door and those all work.

My question: is there a proper way to save the state of the buttons or make sure that.

Here are my blueprints if you need more let me know : UE4 Widget Issues - Album on Imgur