Widgets overlapping problem!!!

Have a slot-inventory setup. Clicking on the slot displays the relevant item in 3D, which can be tumbled/rotated around. Though now, when i click on another slot, it displays the new item 3d preview(widget) overlapping the previous one and when i click on the same item slot again, only then, the relevant 3D widget goes away. Have already created the item 3D preview widget in the the event construct (event graph) of my inventory slot widget, so it should not be creating the widget over and over again without getting removed. Any idea how to go about this? I am new to the engine and help is seriously wanting! Thanx in advance.


Hi man, not fully clear here,By the way
1, check your boolean , if it start false but you already created in the event construct the widet, thats a problem .
2. what about having multiple widget ?
if yes: when clicking on a button you want to check if there is another widget open , hide it, remove from parent, and add to the view the new click
if no : well, you should set the 3dwidget to the selected Apple/banana every time

Here an answer about how use 3dWidgets How do I set a 3d Widget Component? - UE4 AnswerHub

Thanx for replying Est_engine, sorry for the confusion there! To make things more clear, i’m not using 3d widgets (components), but rather an item capture BP (using SceneCaptureComponent2D) spawned in my “item3dpreview” widget event construct.


1 - this “item3dpreview” widget is not a child of any other widget, but gets created (create widget) in my “inventoryslot” widget event construct, but added to the viewport (add to viewport) only when the slot is clicked. Or should i create it somewhere else, if that’s an issue!But that creates other issues, like not showing the mesh of the item in the “item3dpreview” widget.


2 - multiple widgets of what? Not clear on this, but do have multiple widgets on screen, like an inventory panel layout of which the slot inventory widget is a child. But the “item3dpreview” widget is an independent widget, as i mentioned above. As for the new logic, i removed the boolean and tried - overlapping is still there and now the “item3dpreview” widget won’t go, even if i click on the slot twice, as i did previously.