Widgets "on hovered" event keep firing non stop when is hovered by widget interaction compnent

So I used widget interaction component for my VR project, every thing works fine except I want some sound effects and rumble controller effect when user hovers widget, but the problem is the widget “on hovered” event doesn’t just fire once,instead it fires non stop, so my controller rumbles like crazy. I assume that’s how to widget interaction component works, like firing line trace every tick?
SO is there any way to work around this or are there some settings to change this behavior, thank you so much !

I think i get what your saying, would a Do Once node help at all? i don’t have any code like that, that i could show you but there is a do once node and a Do Once Multi Input node that might help you, then you could use a loop node to do it again (like if the person moves there mouse off the “on Hovered” event you have, then puts it back over it).

I have the same issue!

It occures only, if you set the WIC “Interaction Source” to World (center Screen and Mouse works fine!).

I made a 10 sec video to demonstrate it:

I made a short video about my working steps:

Should we report this as bug?

Hi! I got the same trouble today and solve it.
So when I’m assigning the pointer index to each motion controller Widget Interaction Component, I realized that this event were called 4 times instead of 2.
So saw that my Multiplayer Options Net Mode was on Client and each hand event were called from server and client twice.
As soon as I changed to “play as listen server”, the hovering was working perfectly.

Make sure you are assigning the pointer index properly.
I’m not sure if it works for clients during a multiplayer session but as soon as I find out, I’ll reply this post.