Widgets&Inputs! HELP!

Hey guys! I’m trying to set up a main menu level (working with gamepad and mouse) and a pause menu but it seems I can’t find a solution to make this work, how can I give any input to my menu? Do i need to create a specific PlayerController for Menu only? Can someone help me and tell me how it works plase? Thanks!!!

ps. I tried to make this work using the level blueprint, but i want to do something really working in order to apply this to all my levels!

I’m not familiar with gamepad controls, but with keyboard & mouse, you can use the Set Input Mode UI Only (for main menu) & Set Input Mode Game and UI (for pause menu) nodes to have the inputs focus on the UI.

For mouse, when you have buttons on the right panel you have green things you can read : on click or something. You can make code here.
Maybe there is something similary for gamepad events, no ?

dont forget to set showmouse true in the level blueprint on the begining event.

Basically proper Gamepad support was never really implemented by Epic.
Its come up in Livestreams, where devs have ‘gently roasted’ Epic about it. :stuck_out_tongue:
So you have to build your own UI / Control system. (Its not that hard though).

You can start by assigning a Gamepad button to show / hide a popup menu…
Then use a Thumbstick control to Highlight/UnHighlight all available buttons.
So for this part, you have to implement the ‘Hovered Event’ system yourself.
Then click on an assigned button such as Green X to activate that UI option.

But what if you’re using a Mouse Drag & Drop inventory system, what then?
You can hold down / release the Thumbstick button as if its a mouse button.

There is also a less obvious advantage of doing all of this ‘manually’ yourself…
You’re not going to have to worry about all the bugs in button focus / Set Input. :smiley:
Tip:For complicated Menus / UI, the WIC is the best possible widget there is!

somehow i figured it out! Thanks for your comments guys i was going crazy haha