Widgets in plain text: Unintentional neat feature?

In the course of my learning UE4, I stumbled upon the fact that when you copy Widget components from the designer, they go into your clipboard as plain-text. Even more interesting: you can paste the same text into the designer to recreate components. This has also allowed me to share entire widget layouts in text, hosted on pastebin:

This has since become a regularly-used tool at my disposal, as procedurally editing text is easy. That grid panel with a billion tiny sizeboxes? Let me just dump it into notepad++ real quick and made the changes I need. Anyone else find a good use for this functionality?

(Principle reason for this post is to share what I see as a valuable and overlooked feature.)

Is an interesting feature, would be nice to know what kind of scripting language is used and if exist any sort of documentation.

That’s cool, but afaik it’s not new. You can copy past as plain text almost everything in ue4: BP nodes, material nodes, Even actors from the hierarchy can be copied (the best way to duplicate a post-process for example :P)