Widgets in Multiplayer

Yeah, I know that part. They are all added to the viewport at the designated times, but none of them show up in multiplayer. Although you did just give me a noggin-slapper. Duh, I forgot to set them to replicate lol. Thanks.

How do I make widgets proprietary to each player for a multiplayer game? When Playing in PIE (with two players and a designated server) no one sees the widgets.

can you show the code where you spawn them?
generally it just works when spawned on clientside code.
details in the widgets if set to replicate should update automatically.

dont forget after creating the widget you need to add it to the viewport too

Okay, new problem, same category: When playing, I open the inventory widget and it changes all players to the same character. I have a game where you select from two different characters in the beginning, but if i open the widget, it changes all players to the same character (the one who opened the widget.)

check your inventory blueprints, i’d suspect your overwriting the player character value somewhere.

or, go to your blueprint where you choose your player, right click the variable you store the player character in and click “find variable references” it’ll be somewhere in the results your setting the variable again.