Widgets in 3D & interaction


I have Actor with (experimental)Widget component in it (the widget is in World)
I use 3D widgets to display ‘holographics’ UI above some items in the world.
My game is based on First person shooter sample.

Now I have problem - how to enable user interaction with widget in 3D while the mouse is still captured.
(by design user needs to ‘click’ into button on 3d widget using the red crosshair and pressing fire)
For now I have no interaction with 3D widget until the mouse is capture (If I press shift+F1, then mouse cursor shows and I could interact with them, but this is not what I want).

How to enable interaction with 3d widgets while mouse is captured ?

From what I understand the mouse is always being captured, however in the first person blueprint the mouse cursor is hidden and not locked so it will move around the game window freely.

What I would suggest would be to enable “show mouse cursor” and see what’s going on behind the scenes. From there I believe there is a node called “set cursor position” which you can set to the crosshairs position each time the camera rotation is updated, and I think that might fix your issue.

When I create my own PlayerController (call it OwnPlayerControllerer) and assign it into GameMode blueprint (PlayerController class), and select in this controller ‘ShowMouseCursor’ to be checked, then OK I see cursor and CAN interact with 3d widgets
BUT to move my head around I need to press left mouse button - this is undesired behaviour.
Any other ideas ?

what I want to acomplish is something like this:UE4 3D Widget Interaction, Power Generator and Power Flow P2 - YouTube
BUT I do not want to see mouse cursor (author PROBABLY presses shift+F1 whatever he wants to interact with menu), I want to navigate using just a crosshair (it should always be at the center of screen)
doable at al ?