Widgets from same modules?

Hi, for the better parts i have tried to create several menus, with the purpose of being able to change them quickly on the fly.
That means that they use a premade button widget, info bar widget, background widget and so on.
The advantage of this is, that if i want to apply an animation when the button is hovered, want to chance the texture, or anything else, i only have to do this once, instead of. eg. creating an animation for each buttonor maybe changing all of the images on the buttons. Also building new menus goes incredibly fast.
If this was working, this would effectively reduce my widget working time greatly.


I keep running into a REINST problem. That means when i close the editor and opens it again, all, or some, of these premade widgets shows up invisible in the widget that uses them, and REINST is shown next to their name in the details panel.
I have searched around, and is caused by “circular referencing”. Now i have spent all of the day experimenting to go around the problem, using interfaces, changing variable referencing, changing the BP that handles the execution of the cose, and so forth.

I can’t seem to make sense in what is, and what isn’t allowed.
I have two blueprints, that are being executed in the same way, where in one of them all widgets are REINST’ed, but they work perfectly in another. Then in a third blueprint, some of them are working fine, and others REINST’ed, all within same widget.

Now i can’t be bothered trying to figure out what i can do with this, because i can’t be sure of anything i make now or in the future, and if a little error occurs, and everytime it seems i have to change a lot of code to work around this.

So my question…

Any good ideas on how to create several menus, which can be modified easily?
The only thing i can think of now, is to add the buttons, backgrounds and what not only with code, when the widget is added to the viewport, which also not seems as the easiest way?
How do you people handle a lot of menus?

An example of where one widget is shown, and two others left out.

Hope there are some wizards out there :slight_smile: