Widgets component names make UE crash

Hello !

In the user widget editor, if i name two component (whatever they may be : textbox, button, canvas, …) identically, Unreal Engine 4.6.1 crashes.

Edit : same bug for blueprint functions (internal to the user widget) and animations names.

Keep smashing bugs ! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello Caracole,

I was unable to reproduce this issue on my end. Could you run me through exactly how you are managing to give two widgets the same name? I receive an error and the name of the widget is changed back to it’s original name automatically.

Hey Rudy !

Here is a screenshot illustrating the issue.

When i hit enter, Unreal crashes.

Edit : I’m running my project from visual studio in Debug Game Editor configuration with UE 4.6.1.

Hi again,

I just tested this on 4.7.0 preview 3 and i see the in-engine error changing back the name to the original.
Bug already fixed in the next UE version :slight_smile:

Thank you !