Widgets call input mapping action

Hi All,

I’m now making a game for both PC and mobile, so for the player input, I need some keys and UMG buttons trigger some same action. For example, I set SPACE key for action JUMP in project input setting, so the player can make the character jump by pressing space key. There is also a UMG jump button in screen, the player can also touch this UMG button to make the character jump.

My current solution is:
For the SPACE key, I bind “jump” action to jump() function in player controller by BindAction function.
For the UMG jump button, I bind its OnClick event to the same jump() function.
So both of the two ways call the same jump function.

My question is:
My current way does work~~ But it seems that my UMG button( My player input on mobile ) has no relation with UE’s input system. Can I just make my UMG button trigger the Jump action? That is, are there some ways to make widgets call input mapping actions?

I appreciate you guys reply~~