Widgets blocking other widgets , like a Z order thing ?

Hi , so i got an inventory , and quest dialogue that pops up around the quest characters , and the quest journal as well as menu’s. So many of these widgets , even though they are not always visible , and some are brought up with a key press , they are still added to viewport on begin play , and so some elements of widgets seem to block others even when they are not on screen. If the inventory is set to Z order 0 , the dialogue set to 1 , and quest journal set to 2 , then i can use all of them , but the inventory loses some functionality , like i cannot drag items to quick slot , or i cannot unequip from the secondary slot ( yet i can from the primary slot) . So if i change the Z order on any widgets , it seems then , that i cannot click on one or the other , like its just a trade off . Is there any way to make it so all the widgets will work fully together? Thanks for any help

I there. What I would do is combine all widgets into 1 so you don’t have this problem. It sounds like you have some code somewhere that you are not aware of becuse things should only appear when called. I would also make sure you have not set one of your widget as the default hd or widget because that will come up when you start the game. Also make sure any widgets are not been called by other things. Im not sure if you are using a blank project but If you are not it may be something that is in your level is messing with the widget calls. Make sure you use remove from parent when you remove the widget from the sceen.