Widgets are disappearing


I have just upgraded my project to 4.9 from 4.8.3. The problem I have is that my widgets are disappearing for no reason. I have some enemies in the level, and for each one I create at the beginning of the game a widget for each one to now where they are. At first it works, widgets are created and follow the enemies. The problem begins when I move my camera and the enemies stay out of my field of view, their widgets disappear.

When I look again the enemies there are no widgets. This didn’t happen in 4.8.3 version. Help!


Edit: seems that they are not destroyed, just they don’t call Every tick Event

Same problem over here. Widgets going out of frame stop rendering. Would love to know if thats some sort of bug or if we need to adapt a new workflow for moving widget around…

I had the same issue. Thanks for finding out that our troubles are caused by Event Tick not firing for off-screen widgets, ezrubiera!

To work around this, I’m setting a looping timer that executes my widget placement function at a low rate, like twice per second. Timers fortunately keep on ticking when the widget is off screen.

Just upgraded to 4.9 and noticed this too. Did what NisshokuZK suggested (removed everything from Tick event and shoved it into a function that is called on a timer 60 times a second) and that seems to work fine.

Hello ezrubiera,

This is a known functionality of the engine. I have gotten confirmation from the developers that this is working as intended. I have also provided a link to the original issue.

Link: InventoryUIwithUMG Project Issues - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

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