Widgets: Adding Child to Horizontal Box not showing added Content

I’m making a die rolling system for an RPG and I would like the random number results to show up as images of the die result rolled. I gathered all the number results in an array and I’m putting the array through a For Each Loop into a Switch on Int to sort the results into what images to add to the player HUD. I made each possible die result image into its own Widget Blueprint file and set these widgets as variables in the widget Blueprint containing the roll information. Then I’m trying to add the right image Widget for each result rolled. The problem is my Add Child to Horizontal Box is not displaying the images when called. I put a Print String after each Add Child to Horizontal Box, and they are all being called at the right time, I’m just not getting my images. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thank you for your help.

Solution: I had variable referencing Widgets which had not been created. If I create Widgets, instead of adding nothing variables to the Horizontal Box, I can see them just fine.

I think I need some sleep! :stuck_out_tongue: