WidgetComponent disappears on client after possessing a new actor

I am currently developing a simple multiplayer nametag system which displays nametags above each player’s head. When the game first begins, this system works entirely. Strangely enough, however, when a player possesses a separate pawn, none of the name tags are visible, and when said player respawns (possessing a new instance of the old character’s blueprint), some specific (not usually all) nametags remain missing while others are visible again. I have realized that even if I disable all nodes related to these nametags, they still behave the same. Attempts to change visibility of the object and widget, as well as render opacity of the widget have failed. According to various cast nodes, the nametags and their widgets are valid, even from each individual client.

Is it normal that some nametags within the “Screen” space disappear due to possessing another pawn or character? How do I prevent this from happening?

If any additional information is needed, please ask and I will provide it. I do know for sure that this issue does not relate to opacity, visibility, validity of the component, or the value of the text, though.