WidgetComponent child collision not moving...

Hello everyone.

I have an actor that has a WidgetComponent that I’m calling SetRelativeLocationAndRotation() on to offset it from it’s parent actor. This visually works well and the UI appears where it should off to the side of the actor it’s attached to. However the collision is not moving from its starting position. I initially traced it down and discovered that without specifying a ETeleportType::TeleportPhysics, the collision on the component is treated as a dynamic kinematic object that wasn’t being moved properly into position. However, if I specify the correct teleport flag, the underlying physx SetGlobalPose is correctly being called, and when I read back the position, it is now reading back the correct data. However, the actual collision object is still in the original spot as shown by enabling debug collision drawing, and the fact that when I move the mouse over the debug collision, the UI works, but if I move it over the side of the widget that isn’t covered by collision it does not.

Any ideas?