Widget Z-Order, Mouse/Touch interaction

Good day.

I have added a Virtual Joystick to my game, which was initially blocked when any other UMG Widget would be active. I solved this by setting the widget Z-orders lower than the Joystick ( Z-Order of : - 21). However my mouse and touch inputs no longer fire the buttons on the Widgets after changing the z- values. I can still select buildings and other pawns with a visibility trace channel using either mouse or touch, which activates the UMG, however I cannot interact with the buttons. Also, I have added a child canvas panel to the widgets, and made all buttons, images ect children of the child canvas panel, and set “hit Test Unseen”

Assistance or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Running into same problem in 4.18.

  • using custom mouse cursor
  • input mode set to Game and UI
  • custom mouse cursor widget set to “Hit Test Invisible” but it is still blocking button hits if the Z-order is higher than the button

I am also dealing with this issue 4.26