Widget Woes

Widgets do not support gamepad input, so I made a pretty little blueprint inside the widget that detects input via “Get Actors of Class”. By referencing variables in my HUD, selector boxes, sliders, etc can be controlled using the gamepad. Yay! Works flawlessly EXCEPT when I package my game. I narrowed it down to the “Event Tick” that causes my game to crash. Without it, however, nothing can be triggered (since the widget can not detect gamepads, the event tick runs to all my variables all the time and is controlled with branches). I figured I could make a custom event but when I try to use it, it never works. I’m probably not making any sense but I’ll attach some pictures in hopes that would clear it up.


OK, so you are doing this in another BP, not within the HUD itself?

Have you tried a function instead of a Custom Event?


I got it to work…kinda. Here’s the character blueprint


This works in Standalone and in ViewPort but not when I package the game or Launch.

Here’s the widget blueprint


Should I move the d-pad controls inside the HUD blueprint?