Widget Variable to Level-Blueprint

Hello I have a float in a widget that I generated there


and I want it to be included in my level Bluebrint!
Does anyone know how I can do this?

One way to do this would be for you Level Blueprint to hold a reference of this widget object. You have to decide / figure out how you want to do this. Then your level Blueprint can read the value when it needs to. If you have to know exactly when it is set and your level BP responds to it, then you should also set up a notifier. Your level BP should listen then to this notifier within your Widget, and when Widget dispatches that it has set the variable, then your level BP knows about it and reacts accordingly.

I have a reference but don’t know how to read it out !?

What does ‘read it out’ mean? Do you have snapshots of your level blueprint nodes?

I want this Float [Random Text(Gues)]

in here

so that I can continue to work with it in here

I don’t know how to create a reference that works

Do you have snapshots that might make it easier for me to understand?

(My Level Bueprint)
Is that correct?

if so, it would be possible that my widget tells the level blueprint that the variable has changed

Ok, I am going to assume that the second screenshot is from your level blueprint. As I explained above, you need to pass a reference to your widget blueprint object to your level blueprint. Show me where you create the widget and display it. At creation, you should store its reference somewhere that it is easy for the level blueprint to retrieve it. Once you have that reference, a link out of that should be able to show your float variable.