Widget variable change in Multiplayer

  • These Blueprints are all inside the
    Contoller. Main Widget: gets spawned
    by the Controller. Contains widget
    Wid_Plr_UnitFrame. Ref_Pawn is a
    reference to the pawn, as it is
    Ref_Char (the latter being inside

The prototype is in multiplayer.
This is what happens, in short, inside the prototype:
Players are spawned inside the level. After X time, one of them is chosen and gets a warning. After X time, the warned player becomes the mutant.

The problem is:
When the player becomes the mutant, its pawn gets destroyed by the controller and a new pawn gets spawned, again by the controller, that then possess it. Then I call the main widget, which contains another widget, and try to change a reference so that the widgets get to know the new pawn and bind the health bar to the new pawn.

When the host is the mutant, everything works as intended. When the mutant is another player, the Player Controller is not local, and widgets can only be assigned to local player controllers.

  • I don’t really understand what’s happening as this is my first multiplayer prototype! Any help would be greatly appreciated!*