Widget Update Issue- Enemy Widget Progress Health Bar Not Updating

The Issue: The Progress Enemy Health Bar on my enemy spider refuses to update itself when killing the spider but the health value of the spider goes down and it dies and my exp goes up (but it just dosen’t update the health progress bar of the Spider widget component), I don’t know why the progress bar is staying the same while the health functions normally.

The Health Progress variable is under SpidHealthBar.
The bar should be going down but for some reason its staying full.

The Possible cause of this Conflict.

Under EnemyWidget the Variable Spidhealthbar is set to Progress bar by the designer when you click IS VARIABLE. But under Set Visability node in the Function called Set Up Widget
in the Master_Enemy Blueprint , It will only accept A Widget Component type Reference called Widget.

So I I try to connect up the Spidhealthbar reference to it, it says Progress bar Reference is NOT COMPATIBLE with Scene Component Reference.

Because of this I cannot update the enemy health progress bar.

I tried to connect the Spidheathbar to the set visability target node because I don’t know how else to try to get it to try to update the enemy progress bar.

And the Set Visability node has no options showing on it that I add the pin type to.

Not sure how to fix this kind of conflict.

I did the same tutorial not long ago and I currently don’t have access to my computer but as soon as I do ill look into it too.

EDIT: I would redo the 1 video you did for this tutorial as I seem to be setup exactly like you and it is working fine for me. You don’t need to attach the Spidhealthbar to set visibility as the only thing that needs to change on this progress bar is the percentage.

Yeah I’m not sure why the Health Variable is working but not the Percentage on the progress bar even though a percentage node is connected. But I had to rename the healthbar to
Spidhealthbar because in my main game hud blueprint there was a variable already called healthbar in it.

I ran into some trouble because as I add in more of these tutorials into my game to try to build up my game, I’m noticing that some of the variables they using in the tutorials are the same variables used in other tutorials I already have built into the game so some of those variables have to be renamed. And this is where the trouble soon starts and where things begin to get more complicated with the coding… Because this is not an easy engine to try to wire up the code in.