Widget/ui button hotspot above actual button... Mouse DPI issue?

If I place a button down low on my widget screen the hot spot/hover hi-light will be above the actual button. It works fine in the editor (guessing because its at a lower resolution? or not fullscreen?)

But at fullscreen 1920x1080 the button wont hover or activate unless the mouse is above it and seems like the hotspot gets higher for any button lower/farther down on the screen the button is placed. (ie. works fine if the button closer to the top of screen)

the layout of the buttons are correct no matter what resolution just the hover/hi-lite and ability to activate button changes

its like the mouse doesnt know exactly where the button is and thinks its above where it is shown

Is this a bug in version 4.23? (i doubt it since something like this obvious would of been caught quick, right?) or is there something I am supposed to do to change mouse dpi, to get the mouse to work and scale with widget depending on resolution

Any ideas? Thanks.

EDIT/UPDATE: I actually set the resolution to 1920x1024 (works fine at 1080p - but the ui still needs to work at that resolution incase someone wants 1024 resolution, right?)